Character Sheet

This website contains an app that lets users create and maintain character sheets for D&D 5e.

I made this page because paper sheets tend to get messy, are a lot of work to update and with my handwriting tend to be not very useful. There are several other solutions to these problems to be found around the internet, but the ones I found all require propriatory software (e.g. excel/adobe reader) to run and don't work well on mobile devices, or have a tendency to lose data or not be available at all when you need them.

My attempt to solve this has resulted in this app that stores all data in the browser (localStorage) and has an option to export and import characters to and from json files.

To the app

How to use

A word about browsers

The app relies heavily on web components, which means a modern(ish) browser is required. It has been developed and tested with firefox.

On mobile devices mozilla no longer has a functioning browser (as of firefox for android version >79). Hopefully this will improve in the future, but in the meantime another browser is recommended. I noticed chrome/chromium and some of its clones may have trouble downloading files. So far I have not had any problems with Vivaldi.


This app is a work in progress, here follows an (incomplete) list of things that still have to be done in no particular order.


The creator of this page is in no way affiliated to D&D and/or Wizards of the Coast.