At the top of the page are buttons to load and save characters to and from json files.

Sections marked with a icon can be opened by clicking on the icon and later closed by clicking on the icon.

Things can be edited by clicking on the icon. Spellslots, hit-dice and deathsaves can be marked as used at any moment by clicking on the checkbox. Current hitpoints can be set by using the input field as a calculator, i.e. if you lose 4 hitpoints add -4 and if you regain 6 hitpoints add +6 in the input field, the current score will be automatically updated.

Changes are generally directly stored in the browser cache, in some cases this has a half second delay in order to improve the responsiveness of the app. If an edit window is opened the changes are saved when it is closed using the button at its top right.

Since the data is stored in the browser cache the characters are lost when browser data is cleared. Therefore it is recommended to always save your characters to local files using the Save button at the top of the page.

The app has been styled so it should also be possible to print the page and end up with a halfway decent paper sheet.

At the top right of this page is a theme selector which can be used to select other ugly color schemes.


The inventory is divided in custom slots, so you can ceep track of whether you carry your weapon on your belt or of you put it in your bag of holding.

When editing the inventory you can add and/or remove slots. Each slot will appear as a separate section with its own button to add items.

In the future it should be possible to move items from one slot to the other, but this has not been implemented yet.


Actions have a type, in most cases the default type can be used. This type gives a description where you can enter whatever.

The charges type allows you to enter a number of uses and displays a checkbox for each use. This can be used for things like ki points, sorcery points, rage, wild shape or basically anything that can be used a limited number of times per rest.

The counter type shows a widget similar to the hitpoints tracker, this can be easier to use than the charges type for things like a paladins lay on hands.